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This is a website for a musical group and not for tobacco.  All emails regarding tobacco products are automatically transferred to the Junk folder.

To secure the future of the musical group, internationally known as 'CAMEL' , Camel Productions was established in 1991. "CP", as it is affectionately called, is owned and operated by and solely for Camel. A full-time operation run by a dedicated few with the blessing of a terrific support structure provided by friends and fans alike, CP concentrates on Camel only, accepting no other bands. It wouldn't be fair to Camel or to any other band to attempt to divide the focus. If you are an independent band looking for an outlet or advice, all we can say is be true to yourself and never let go. CONTACT: We can't be contacted by phone but you may leave us a message here.

Alternately you can email from your email client to camel (at)