CD: Never Let Go (2CD)

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Recorded live during 1992's successful return to touring. 2-Disc set featuring Andrew Latimer (guitars, flute, keyboards, vocals); Colin Bass (bass guitar, bass pedals, keyboards, percussion, vocals); Mickey Simmonds (keyboards); Paul Burgess (drums, octapad, bells, tambourine)

Disc 1 Disc Two
1. Never Let Go 1. Dust Bowl
2. Earthrise 2. Go West
3. Rhayader 3. Dusted Out
4. Rhayader Goes to Town       4. Mother Road
5. Spirit of the Water 5. Needles
6. Unevensong 6. Rose of Sharon
7. Echoes 7. Milk n' Honey
8. Ice 8. End of the Line
9. City Life 9. Storm Clouds
10. Drafted 10. Cotton Camp
  11. Broken Banks
  12. Sheet Rain
  13. Whispers
  14. Little Rivers and Little Rose
  15. Hopeless Anger
  16. Whispers in the Rain

17. Sasquatch 

18. Lady Fantasy