DVD: Total Pressure

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Released 1993;2006  Part of Camel's Official Bootleg series, Total Pressure contains the now lost footage which was not used in Mike Mansfield's Mirror Image production on British television aired in 1985.  Total Pressure has all of the concert footage recorded in 1984 at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, England. The footage also includes a brief interview with Andrew Latimer. It doesn't include the incidental visuals as found on Pressure Points.

Featuring Andrew Latimer (guitars, flutes, vocals); Colin Bass (bass, vocals;) Paul Burgess (drums); Ton Scherpenzeel (keyboards); Richie Close (keyboards); Chris Rainbow (vocals); and guest appearances by Mel Collins (sax); Peter Bardens (organ)

1. Pressure Points 9.   Fingertips
2. Drafted 10. Sasquatch
3. Captured 11. Wait
4. Lies 12. Cloak and Dagger Man
5. Refugee 13. Long Goodbyes
6. Vopos 14. Rhayader
7. Stationary Traveller      15. Rhayader Goes To Town
8. West Berlin 16. Lady Fantasy

BONUS Tracks:
La Princess Perdue
Never Let Go
Hymn To Her