CD: Coming of Age (2CD)

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Recorded on 13 March 1997 at Billboard Live, Los Angeles, California. 2-Disc set. Also available on DVD. Featuring Andrew Latimer (guitars, flute, keyboards, pennywhistle, vocals); Colin Bass (bass, vocals, keyboards, 12-string); Foss Patterson (keyboards, vocals); Dave Stewart (drums, percussion, octapad).  Also available on DVD.

Disc One
1. Lunar Sea
2. Hymn to Her
3. Rhayader
4. Rhayader Goes to Town    
5. Preparation
6. Dunkirk
7. Drafted
8. Docks
9. Beached
10. Spirit of the Water
11. Ice
12. Sasquatch



Disc Two
1. Milk n' Honey
2. Mother Road
3. Needles
4. Rose of Sharon
5. Irish Air
6. Irish Air (Reprise)
7. Harbour of Tears
8. Cobh
9. Send Home the Slates
10. Under the Moon
11. Watching the Bobbins
12. Eyes of Ireland
13. Running From Paradise
14. End of the Day
15. Coming of Age
16. The Hour Candle